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Powerful Project Management made Easy
Integrated. Collaborative. Agile.
Instant setup
Quickly setup your project by importing from popular project management systems.
Task scheduler
Project Cooler automatically schedules tasks based on their estimate, status and dependencies.
5 minutes a day
Or less to keep your project updated. Information is extracted from time reporting and Project Cooler will generate a questionnaire to update any missing information.
Drag and drop
Drag and drop tasks on the Kanban or Scrum boards to move them between sprints, change their status or the order in which they are to be implemented.
Resource calendars
Powerful calendar options with full time-zone support that let you define holidays or custom work shifts down to the minute.
For your entire team
Project Cooler features tools optimized for each role: be it a full WYSIWYG editor for witting specifications, git integration and time tracking for your developers or a full range of reports for the project manager and stakeholders.
Fully featured interactive Kanban boards. Use a global Kanban board for your entire project or use separate Kanban boards for each iteration on larger projects.
You can let Project Cooler optimize your project plan or you can take control and decide what order tasks should be handled in by using drag and drop on the Kanban or Scrum boards.
Gantt, Kanban or Scrum?
Whatever PM methodology your team uses Project Cooler has you covered.
Or Scrum?
Full Scrum support including Scrum boards, Burn-Down charts and story point estimates.
Real Time
The project plan and schedule are updated automatically with each time report, commit or status change so that everyone can have a clear picture of what they should be working on.
Free and stable
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Powerful features
In a time friendly system
Integrated Project Cooler provides tools for your entire team so that each member can contribute to the project and you won't have to manually move data between systems.
Time Friendly Updating project data is often a tedious task. Project Cooler is built around streamlining this process. Most update information is automatically extracted from time tracking and code commits and Project Cooler will generate a daily questionnaire for relevant team members to fill in any missing information.
Powerful & Flexible Project Cooler is packed with powerful features such as a scheduler that optimizes your project plan but also allows you to manually order the tasks should you wish to do so, drag and drop enabled Kanban and Scrum boards, an Excel like task organizer that allows you to go as many levels as needed, a full WYSIWYG specifications editor, GIT & SVN integrations, a flexible notifications system and other features meant to save your team time and get you insights into your project without getting in the way of your work.
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Easy to organize tasks
Collaborative multi level Excel like task organizer that allows you to quickly plan and update your project. Create, search, edit or update your tasks with ease - and a real time Gantt chart. And Kanban or Scrum boards.
Real-Time reporting
Full range of reports from strategically placed summary reports and statuses to help you notice irregularities at a glance to full in depth reporting that lets you drill down to track issues.
Integrated. Online. Collaborative.
With Project Cooler all your team is in one place. With the right tools to keep the project up to date. And powerful business intelligence running over the project data.
Collaboration made easy.
Business intelligence gathering
Automated daily questionnaire that requests team members to update relevant information on their assigned tasks including time reporting, task status and confidence levels.
Edit and upload Documents
WYSIWYG issue editor with full revision history support that allows you to link real-time task statuses directly in the text.
Version control integration
GIT and SVN integration with tag support allowing you to link commits to tasks and log time or update task information directly from commit messages.
Smart notifications

Flexible notification system that lets you stay on top of project updates without being swamped in emails.
Project Management and Issue Tracking
By providing a single, integrated and collaborative tool Project Cooler saves time and errors caused by moving data around - thus providing more accurate and up to date information.
Excel like and multi level so you can keep even the most complicated projects organized.
Filter your tasks and choose what columns you need displayed so you always see the information you need.
Gantt charts give you an easy way to visualize your project plan and progress.
Task status, progress and issues are tracked and reported in real time.
We care about your time
Project Cooler is designed to automate as many tasks as possible so that you can focus on interpreting the data and reports instead of moving and arranging information or sending emails.
Great User Experience.
We know one of the biggest barriers in data reporting and analysis is the complexity and difficulty of the project management systems themselves. That's why Project Cooler is designed to stay out of your way and enable you to complete your tasks with as few clicks as humanely possible.
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Project Cooler already is the best project management tool for us. We need your feedback to make it the best for everyone else.
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Project Cooler will soon be in private beta - already feature rich and stable enough to act as a full fledged project management and issue tracking tool.
Project Cooler, making your life better.
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